Rodney E. Timbrook, Ph.D., HSPP 

Psychological Service Associates, Inc.

3421 E. State Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana

office telephone (260) 482-8427
office fax (260) 482-8429

Clinical and Forensic Services Provided:

  • Psychotherapy addressing many issues related to emotional and physical health and relationships concerns
    • I typically work with children 13 years old and up, adults, couples, and families with adolescent children
    • If you give me permission, I am happy to coordinate the care I provide with the services that you may be receiving from your family doctor, psychiatrist, or other treating physician.
    • I have been working with US veterans for over 20 years and have continued to provide services to our new veterans and their families. I have developed specialized skills in working with Post-traumatic Stress in our combat veterans.
    • I have a special interest in working with patient having difficulty adjusting to medical illnesses and conditions.
    • I also specialize in working with individuals with concerns related to sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual orientation.
  • Psychological evaluation and assessment, including personality and cognitive testing when appropriate
    • I am skilled in personality assessment and diagnosis, using select psychological tests as appropriate.
    • I am also skilled in screening for cognitive difficulties that may be associated with aging, disease, or injury affecting the brain.
  • Forensic consultation and evaluation
    • I have had considerable training and experience in providing evaluations and expert opinions for attorneys and the courts to address issues related to legal matters.
    • I have also developed expertise in providing disability evaluations and now consult with attorneys practicing disability law.